What’s the difference between “design” and “development”?

What's the difference between "design" and "development"?

Many use the terms web design and web development interchangeably, but that’s technically incorrect. Both are critical to a successful website, yet are technically vastly different. Let me explain.

Website Design, specifically is the design, look, and feel of your website. Mainly everything you ‘see’. How it’s laid out and the colors used, the font and typography choices to make it look good. A well designed website is not only attractive and pretty, but it is also user-friendly meaning that anyone even someone with very little technical knowledge can easily find what they are looking for on your website.

Good design is extremely important for a successful website. An unattractive website will give the impression of being unprofessional, cheap and/or dated. An attractive design that is professional and easy to use for potential customers/clients improves that ‘impression’ of your business, in essence it ‘makes you look good’.

Website Development is the coding and programming that you don’t see. The coding and programming that goes into building a successful website can be extensive, but since¬† you don’t see it most people don’t really realize its there. But it’s what makes your website ‘function. So when you hit that button on that form you just filled out, that code that was written tells it to email a copy. Or when you click on a menu item to view another page, click on a link, all of these things take code to make them happen. Every action/reaction is handled by the development or coding/programming!

So as you can see design vs. development is definitely two very different things. Something to keep in mind if you’re looking to get a website built is that not every Web Designer is also a Web Developer and vice versa. Some are, such as myself, but for the most part it’s rare to find someone that truly has a full grasp of both.¬†

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