Website Speed – Is It That Important?

Website Speed - Is It That Important?

Have you ever visited a website and had to sit and wait and wait and wait for it to load? We all have, it’s frustrating and more than likely you’ll end up leaving. Think about it, if you won’t stay on a slow website, likely your website visitors won’t either. Also remember, your website is often the first impression they have of you and your business. So just as looking professional is important, so is your website speed.

Search engines also consider website load speeds in how they rank your website. So if your website is slow to load, whatever the reason for it, it will effect your SEO ranking as well not just your visitor retention rate. Site speed is especially a big factor in site ranking for mobile where speed is everything. 

So what is a good load time? Three to four seconds is acceptable but ideally you want under 2 seconds. Anything  longer and you will definitely see a negative impact. There are tools you can use to test your site speed to determine exact measurements.

There are a number of factors that go into how fast or slow  your website may load. Hosting, software, picture sizes, efficiency of code and more. Keeping site visitors on your website and having a highly ranked website are very important to your website’s success. If your website is loading slowly, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can increase your site load speed. 

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