Marketing is a crucial part of your online strategy. Without marketing how do you expect your website to be found among the millions of websites out there? Many web designers/developers will hand you a website and that’s the end of it. But just having a website on the internet does not mean it will be found.

Marketing is a crucial part of making your website successful. Whether your website is a marketing tool for your business, or it IS your business, you need to market it, get it found. And there are many strategies and tools do to this.

Marketing your website isn’t just one simple thing, the best marketing plan utilizes a wide range of marketing strategies to get the best results in your search engine ranking.  Just like the image to the left suggests, there are many ways to market your website and increase your ranking. The higher up on search that your website displays, the more successful your website will be.

SEO, SEM, Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Newsletter Marketing…it can all be overwhelming and even confusing. Doesn’t help that things change constantly either. But I can help you navigate and show you how a strong online  marketing plan can increase your visitors, improve your search engine ranking and ultimately….make your website a success!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Just placing a website on the internet does not make it successful. SEO is imperative to make sure your website can be found.
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Not sure where to start your marketing? A good online and search engine marketing plan will get you there.
Pay Per Click Advertising
Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Social Media Ads can be an excellent tool to increase your website traffic and conversion. A good PPC marketing plan can make all the difference.
Local Search Marketing
For many small businesses that deal locally with clients and customers, a local online search marketing plan is an important tool.
Social Media Marketing
Social media is huge, and as such, it provides a perfect platform to market. But it must be done right, or it can actually hurt your businesses vs. help it.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics gives you crucial information on not only how many website visits you have, but who they are, how they found you and so much more.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing when used correctly can help to build your brand, increase repeat customers, and keeps your business in front of those that need to see it.
Constant Contact & MailChimp
Both Constant Contact and MailChimp are excellent email marketing platforms. Let me show you how these tools can make your Email Marketing campaigns a breeze.
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